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Rules and Regulations

Brandy Awards Guidelines

Each question will be judged on a 1-5 scale (1-lowest, 5 highest). You do not need to have all the elements to enter, the winner will be chosen from the highest overall score. 


Who can apply: Supplier and Distributors/agencies

We know 2020 was dominated by COVID and PPE sale and there was less opportunity to be creative, so show us your best prior case history where your promotional products were a hit!

Entries will be judged on: 

  • Is it a fresh twist on a staple product? Was it something mundane used in a unique way?
  • Creative use of logo and/or decoration technique
  • Does it have the likelihood of being kept or passed on?
  • Does the product have broad appeal?
  • Was the product an effective communication tool?
  • Was it a fan favorite? Was it a showstopper?


Who can apply:  Distributors/Agencies

You sell what you show!  Showcase the use of your favorite product in a sales effort to promote your own brand. This includes creative that advances the Distributor/Agency marketing campaigns (new client acquisition, client retention, education, sales efforts, announcements, events, new product launch, etc.) All work performed for distributors/agencies must be entered in the self-promo category.  Self-promo entries are not permitted in any other category. 

Entries will be judged on:

  • Overall creativity of logo placement and design.
  • Does it have the likelihood of being kept or passed on?
  • Did the product include unique or custom packaging?
  • Did the product/promotion include clever messaging to add appeal?
  • Was there an effective Distribution method and scope?
  • Was there a call to action and/or what were the results?


Who can apply: Supplier and Distributors/agencies

Showcase your best success story where promotional products supported overall social good in society, which may include sustainability, good stewardship, and increased awareness for charities/non-profits, and your organization or similar idea. 

Entries will be judged on:

  • Were sustainable goods used? Is the item designed to lessen environmental impact?
  • Does the product have the likelihood of being kept or gifted?
  • How did this promo product promote social good?
  • Did it support an internal company goal, awareness campaign non-profit cause or event?
  • Was there an effective distribution plan? Did the campaign foster team engagement? Ex: Everyone who participated/donated/reached goal received the item.

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