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Coronavirus Impact

On behalf of PPAF's Board of Directors, we want to express our sympathies as we all are trying to navigate the challenges
set before us with the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). We understand that we are in unprecedented waters and we want to 
support our members as much as we can.  PPAF is  working to implement a few new member benefits.

        • We are hosting virtual conference calls for distributor members to share ideas on how they are handling the implications on their businesses. Our next call will be with the PPAF Board of Directors will be the week of April 6, more information coming soon.  

        • We will be launching an online discussion board for members to ask their questions and to work together as we handle this crisis. PPAF Discussion Board Coming Soon.

        • Below is a live public listing of the status of suppliers across the industry. We have reached out to our suppliers to provide us with updates and we will update the list in real-time. This is a partnership with all regional associations who are working diligently to provide information to members. Special thanks to GCPPA for initiating the list.

        • Suppliers and Multi-line reps who are current with their membership can sign-up to host a live and interactive webinar under our Virtual Tradeshow event. Be sure to be logged in to access to sign-up page here: PPAF Virtual Tradeshow.


Or visit the 
CDC Coronavirus web page for up-to-date information about risks, symptoms, common questions, situational updates, risk assessment, and much more.

Supplier Status: Live Updates

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