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Benefit #1 - Save Money Save Time:
Can anyone say they have too much time or money? No which is why we strive to offer features designed to help you get more of each. After all, that is the point.

Benefit #2 - Make a Positive Impact in the Industry:
Being a part of PPAF with other members committed to preserve the integrity of the industry can ensure a long healthy career. Additionally our members help each other succeed. Why reinvent the wheel. PPAF members can stay connected to others who manage similar challenges. By sharing ideas, best practices and solutions will save both time and money.

Benefit #3 - Solidify Your Professional Reputation:
PPAF members are regarded as serious and savvy business people. In an industry that is ever evolving , maintaining your membership tells other industry professionals that you mean business.

Benefit #4 - Yearly Coupon Book:
PPAF distributor members have access to a yearly book filled of coupons from PPAF suppliers and multi-line representatives. Companies who have used the majority of coupons saved over $1000. Those who take advantage of this benefit can save the cost of their membership dues. To access this year's coupon book, ensure you are logged in, your membership is current, and click this link: 2019 Coupon Book.

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