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Membership = Dollars and Sense!

22 Jan 2015 2:12 PM | Anonymous

A funny thing happened on the way to PPAF…

As a long time distributor, I thought of PPAF as a great regional show at an important time of the year.  It gave me ideas for fourth quarter and recharged my batteries for the home stretch.  I so underestimated the membership’s value.  

One you need to consider is The PPAF Coupon Book…  I did a little homework and found many savings that were not offered elsewhere.  We used them, and saved 11 times the cost of our membership in offers in just seven months.  Three coupons paid for our yearly membership!  Our great suppliers in this industry are supporting PPAF tremendously in this and many other ways. 


Stay tuned for more reasons why membership = dollars and sense!

Hope to see you soon,

David Goggin

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